Sunday, 4 September 2011


It's the end of week three and I don't have an awful lot to report. Perhaps this is a good thing. I'm eating well, training well and feeling the benefits of my work.

I'm finding that I'm not having to call upon my will power as much as I expected to. My desire to eat has been reduced to literally eating three healthy meals a day. I have no desire to snack and certainly no desire to snack on lard bites.

Another thing I've noticed is the return of my swagger. Before I became a sack of marshmallows, I used to walk with swagger and confidence, with my head held high and smirk on my face. Now, although I still possess many a marshmallow, I find myself returning to this confident gait. I give women I see a cheeky smile and have started remembering what it's like to feel good about myself. This has reinforced my theory that much of one's confidence is in the mind. Of course, having a healthy body is important, but in combination with a healthy mind, a person is unstoppable, ergo, this new life of mine brings with it by-products I didn't previously consider. The more I train, the looser my clothes get and the more snacks I say no to, the more contented I become. I am achieving a clarity of mind that I had previously forgotten was possible. My psychological clouds are clearing and the sunrise is beautiful.

I'm more determined than ever to make this new life a permanent fixture. My hope is that once my goals have been met, I'll be able to help and inspire others to reach their goals. If this serial quitter can do it, anyone can.

'If you're not standing on the shoulders of giants, then you yourself are the giant, upon  whose shoulders people stand.'

See you next week for the weigh in.

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