Sunday, 28 August 2011

Settling In

Well, I've now completed my second week of my new life and the changes that have taken place are incredible. As I said before, I spent the majority of my first week in agony, now, I feel revitalised and energetic after a workout. I've trained around five times this week and have even begun to reintroduce running into my workouts, albeit slowly. It seems that my fitness increases a tangable amount each time I train. This may be psychological, but that doesn't matter. The result is the same: I feel amazing.

Now, on to more pressing matters, my weigh in an measurements. Here's the damage:

Start - 12/08/2011                          End of week 2 - 28/08/2011

Weight - 168 kg                             Weight - 162.5 kg                                 
Chest - 53 ins                                         Chest - 53 ins                                         
Waist - 57 ins                                 Waist - 55.5 ins
Upper Arm left - 18 ins                    Upper Arm left - 18.5 ins
Forearm left - 14 ins                        Forearm left - 14 ins
Upper Arm right - 17 ins                  Upper Arm right - 17.5 ins
Forearm left - 13.5 ins                     Forearm right - 14 ins
Thigh left - 34 ins                           Thight left - 33 ins
Calf left - 21 ins                              Calf left - 21.5 ins
Thigh right - 34 ins                          Thigh right - 32 ins
Calf right - 22 ins                            Calf right - 22.5 ins

I'm fairly pleased with the results so far. As you'll see, there have been a couple of increases. That's because, as I've said before, I'm not only trying to lose fat, but also build up my upper body.

My diet has been really easy to maintain. During the first week, although I was eating a healthy three square meals a day, my stomach felt like it was turning inside out and I went to bed hungry every night, such was the shock of no longer stuffing my face all day long. However, that's now settled down, my stomach has contacted and my desire to eat has reduced, so now I'm finding it easy to eat sensibly, without craving lard sandwiches.

In terms of my state of mind, the sharp increase of activity, coupled with the good diet have resulted in a vast increase in the endorphines being released into my body, which, in turn, has resulted in my being in an almost constant good mood, with increased energy levels. All that remains now is for me to find a stable income and I'll be well on my way to happiness.

I'm ready for you, week three. There's no stopping me.


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