Friday, 12 August 2011

I Got Sad

Exercise used to play a big part in my life. My teenage years were spent in the gym, well, the bits between masturbating and playing N64. I was in great physical condition, right up until my mid-twenties. This is what I looked like:

Then, something happened: I got sad. I got really sad. I stopped wanting to look good and feel good. Then something else happened: I woke up one morning and realised it was five years later and I was ten stone heavier. Now I feel sadder than ever, but something's different. I don't WANT to feel sad anymore, in fact, I'm sick of it. I'm bloated and sweaty. My legs hurt. I'm tired and sluggish. I HATE feeling like this and refuse to continue on this road. This is what I look like today:

Measurements - 12/08/2011:

Chest - 53 ins
Waist - 57 ins
Upper Arm left - 18 ins
Forearm left - 14 ins
Upper Arm right - 17 ins
Forearm left - 13.5 ins
Thigh left - 34 ins
Calf left - 21 ins
Thigh right - 34 ins
Calf right - 22 ins

I did something today. I joined a gym, a good gym. Today is the day. Today is the day that I make a positive change for once in my miserable life and do something that will actually help and benefit my general state of wellbeing. 

Here's the deal: Tomorrow is 13th August 2011 and I will start it with a trip to the gym. I will stop using food as an emotional response and sort my fucking life out. On 13th August 2012, I will be back in shape and I won't be sad anymore. While I do this, there will be tough times and I'm going to want to quit on a regular basis. I MUST not do this. I've quit everything I've ever started and this blog will be my way of chronicling my journey, as something to help me through the hard times and something to look back upon with pride. I'll post regularly and upload the odd photo too.

Wish me luck.

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