Saturday, 24 December 2011


It's Christmas Eve in Belly and Brain land and all is well with both. I've been working very hard over the last four months and fully intend to continue doing so, however, no one likes a Nazi, so I intend to do what humans are meant to do during this period and that is to eat and drink til the cows come home, or Boxing day, whichever comes first. Life is about being realistic. I will enjoy myself as I deserve to and give the gym a good spanking, once I'm full of Turkey and wine.

The last week or so has been great. I've been spending a lot of time, although not enough, with my Sara, who is wonderful. I've been training hard, eating well and feeling positive.

Here are some Christmas stats:

Start - 12/08/2011                          End of week 19 - 24/12/2011

Weight - 168 kg                             Weight - 126.4 kg                                 
Chest - 53 ins                                         Chest - 46 ins                                         
Waist - 57 ins                                 Waist - 45 ins
Upper Arm left - 18 ins                    Upper Arm left - 16.4 ins
Forearm left - 14 ins                        Forearm left - 13 ins
Upper Arm right - 17 ins                  Upper Arm right - 16 ins
Forearm left - 13.5 ins                     Forearm right - 13 ins
Thigh left - 34 ins                           Thigh left - 28 ins
Calf left - 21 ins                              Calf left - 19.5 ins
Thigh right - 34 ins                          Thigh right - 27.5 ins
Calf right - 22 ins                            Calf right - 20 ins

So, my weight loss is slowing down significantly, which is to be expected, but it's continues to travel in the right direction. I've reached a landmark, in that my weight has fallen below the twenty stone mark for the first time in around five years. I've lost six and a half stone in just over four months, which leaves me with three and a half stone to lose in the next eight months. With hard work and sensible decisions, it's definitely achievable.

For those who haven't yet seen it, check out the article about me in the latest Bromley Times. Click here to give it a look.

So, for now, enjoy your Christmas. Eat, drink and enjoy being with your families.


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