Monday, 12 December 2011

Easy Peasy

I bear good news: I have made a full and swift recovery from my man flu. Unfortunately, I have infected my Sara. I think she'll make a recovery, but it's touch and go.

I have very little to report this week, other than a feeling of general happiness and contentment, thanks to the beautiful Sara, who inspires me every day.

I saw my Psychiatrist last week, who has amended my medication again. I'll keep you updated with how mental this will make me.

I'm so accustomed to this new lifestyle of mine, that it barely enters my mind any more. I just continue to make sensible decisions with food and continue to wobble my arse in the gym. I'm still enjoying the exercise and feel the benefits after each and every work out.

I'm still aiming to have lost seven stone by Christmas. Due to this, I won't be weighing in this weekend. Instead I'll have a special festive weigh in on Christmas Eve. Can you contain your excitement until then?

I really would like to write something profound tonight, but it's difficult to do so when everything is ship shape and shiny in Belly and Brain. Who knows, maybe next week I'll have a nervous breakdown or gain half a stone. Otherwise, I'll just have to think of something entertaining to say.

Until next time, have fun and don't miss me too much.

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