Sunday, 6 November 2011

Radio Gaga and The Lardarse Express

Evening, all!

It's the end of week twelve. Next week's blog will fall on the three month mark of this journey of mine, which is really rather cool.

This week has been pretty good. In terms of diet, I'm still well on track and still desire shitty food much less than I used to, although I do still experience the occasional sensation that I should have a blow out and stuff my face, like when I have something to celebrate, for example. I just have to remember that that person is not me anymore and give myself a mental slap round the chops and all is well.

In terms of exercise, I've been to the gym three times this week and had a couple of other exercise sessions outside of that.

It's been another relatively busy week, in which I've really begun to push my business forward. It turns out that losing weight makes you more productive. Who's have thunk it, eh? All those years as a lazy fuck were partially down to my being a fat fuck. Wonders will never cease.

I've been relentlessly hounding Facebook and Twitter with news of my Radio appearance, which was an awesome experience and evidence of my new proactive attitude. I won't bore you to tears with the details, so have a look on my Facebook profile for details, if you haven't done so already.

I have to mention, that emotionally I've been up and down this week and after the huge high of being on the radio, I suffered somewhat of a fall out over the following day or so. I sometimes forget that I have Bipolar Disorder, because the last few months have been so good. Perhaps I'm having a Hypomanic episode. Fuck knows. All I can do is ride the waves and see where they take me. 

As I'm sure you're aware, it's weigh and measure week, so here are the stats:

Start - 12/08/2011                          End of week 10 - 23/10/2011

Weight - 168 kg                             Weight - 137.2 kg                                 
Chest - 53 ins                                         Chest - 48 ins                                         
Waist - 57 ins                                 Waist - 48.5 ins
Upper Arm left - 18 ins                    Upper Arm left - 17.2 ins
Forearm left - 14 ins                        Forearm left - 13.4 ins
Upper Arm right - 17 ins                  Upper Arm right - 16.6 ins
Forearm left - 13.5 ins                     Forearm right - 13 ins
Thigh left - 34 ins                           Thigh left - 29.6 ins
Calf left - 21 ins                              Calf left - 20 ins
Thigh right - 34 ins                          Thigh right - 29.1 ins
Calf right - 22 ins                            Calf right - 20.9 ins

I'm really happy with these results. I've passed the all important 30kg weight loss mark, which equates to around 67lbs. Next time you gym-goers go to the gym, pick up 30kg. That shit is pretty hefty. It's hard to believe that 30kg has left my body. How the fuck was I managing to lift my fat arse off the sofa?

These results also mean that I'm around 2lbs away from my Christmas target of 5st. Therefore, my new Christmas target is 6st. Let's see if I can nail it.

I'm fully aware that although the halfway mark looms near, it makes me realise that I have to do it all over again. Although if I can do it once, I can do it twice!

So, in summary, this week was a good one. I'm still on track and starting to actually get myself out there and live my life! Join me next week for the big three month blog!

'Anything is possible in life. Never say never, apart from those two times'.

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