Sunday, 20 November 2011

Listening to Your Body When it Has the Hump With You

Evening, all! Well, it's the end of week fourteen and I've been a busy boy this week, so busy in fact that this is going to have to be a rather brief blog entry and certainly not up to the standard of last week's War and Peace.

I've been painting a lot this week. I've had a few commissions for portraits and consequently, I've spent a lot of time doing those. Now you might not think this to be the case, but painting photo realistic portraits is a seriously knackering process. I'm good at concentrating at the best of times, so it's a real challenge, but I do love it.

For the best part of this week, I've been exhausted, in fact, I'd go as far as to say I've been fatigued. It transpires that I haven't been eating enough. Seriously, pick yourselves off the floor. Me, Big Trev, has not been eating enough. I never thought I'd be saying that! Joking aside, I've been so tired and sluggish this week. In fact I felt faint yesterday and realised I needed to eat more. By no means was I trying to starve myself, but I definitely wasn't consuming enough carbohydrates. So I've reassessed my diet and have starting eating potatoes and rice again. I already feel a hell of a lot better. So this week has been a lesson in listening to the messages my body is giving me and acting accordingly.

Anyway, on to the vital statistics. Here they are:

Start - 12/08/2011                          End of week 14 - 20/11/2011

Weight - 168 kg                             Weight - 132.9 kg                                 
Chest - 53 ins                                         Chest - 47.5 ins                                         
Waist - 57 ins                                 Waist - 47.5 ins
Upper Arm left - 18 ins                    Upper Arm left - 17.2 ins
Forearm left - 14 ins                        Forearm left - 13.8 ins
Upper Arm right - 17 ins                  Upper Arm right - 16.5 ins
Forearm left - 13.5 ins                     Forearm right - 13.6 ins
Thigh left - 34 ins                           Thigh left - 29.1 ins
Calf left - 21 ins                              Calf left - 20 ins
Thigh right - 34 ins                          Thigh right - 29.1 ins
Calf right - 22 ins                            Calf right - 20.9 ins

As always, to see previous results, look at my previous entries (ooh er, missus etc). I've now lost five and a half stone, which is awesome.

As I said earlier, I must dash, but I'll be back next Sunday with more fun and games.

Oh, yes, a quote, erm....

'Try to think of your body and you mind as separate entities. You must take action to take care of your body and make sound decisions. If you do this, your body has a way of returning the favour'.

See you next week. 

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