Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Meditation And Crossing Roads Without Dying

Holy shit, what a week. Firstly, since The Huffington Post wrote a piece on my weight loss, I've received an incredible amount of feedback and gained many blog followers. For this, I'm really very thankful. The purpose of my blog from the outset was two-fold. Firstly, I wanted to write my thoughts and feelings in the public domain in order to keep me motivated. Secondly, I hoped that the blog would serve as a way in which to support and motivate others. I have received many messages from people who have told me I'm an inspiration. This is truly humbling and it means a lot to me that my words have the capacity to give hope to others. This journey is a difficult one, but a possible one. Nothing in this life that means a lot, is simple to achieve.
I started my new job today and it really is brilliant to be back in the world of work, particularly doing something that I care about. It will be interesting to find out how this new career pans out, particularly in combination with my artistic ventures. Maybe the two will mix, who knows. As a result of my new employment, my exercise routine will have to be adjusted accordingly, which is actually convenient as my body has become accustomed to my activity level and my weight loss is consequently at a current stand still. What I intend to do is walk to and from work Monday - Thursday, which is around six and a half miles per day. Additionally to that, I'll try to get to the gym Tuesday - Thursday after work, walking to and from as usual. Consequently, my walking will increase substantially. My work at the gym will mainly be with weights, with a dash of cardio to keep things moving. Walking to work is fantastic, as a three mile walk is usually what it takes for my brain to reach a level of activity and efficiency conducive to functionality, vis a vis blinking, breathing and talking. What is also particularly satisfying, is walking past all the pasty-faced, lard-arsed misery balls on their buses, knowing I'll get to work before them and will be less likely to have a heart attack on my doorstep. Unfortunately, my legendary road-crossing skills will be put to the test on a regular basis. 

Now I'm earning money akin to a real human, I will be able to actually buy things, which is a novel idea. These things will include clothes as I am, in essence, a tramp. I'm still wearing the same clothes I was 95lbs ago and look rather like Josh at the end of Big, when he turns back into a kid. Either that or I look like a sixteen year old, who's borrowed his Dad's suit for his Court hearing. Either way, I need some new shit. I will also now be able to spend my weekends in Haverhill, with my gorgeous Sara. life is good.

I went for a Psychological assessment on Monday, in order to ascertain which type of therapy will be most helpful to me. It was an interesting process and the best quote of the day was this from the Psychologist, in response to my description of my thought process, 'You must be exhausted'. Yep, pretty much, my old mucker! His conclusion was that I would benefit from a form of meditation therapy called Mindfulness, which, although slightly Hippyish, actually does have scientific basis. Awesome, right? I get meditation on the NHS. I'm fully aware that I may become a Buddhist as a result of this.

 In the mean time, I'm going to do my thing and see how much weight I lose. I'll report back next week with some stats.

Later, potater.

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  1. What happened? This blog is really interesting. How's it been going. Almost six months since the last post. Must have a lot of improvement.